Chase Konstantakos '24

Chase Konstantakos ’24


Hampden, MA

Why did you choose Bryant?

I chose Bryant because I loved the business program, and I was excited to develop my career in business. It stood out, too, because of its beautiful campus and facilities.

Did you always want a supply chain major? 

No. I came to Bryant as a marketing major, but after taking some classes and meeting the great supply chain professors I had to make the switch!

Professor Michael Gravier and Professor Chris Roethlein have been instrumental in my internship and job search process. The connections and insight that they both have are invaluable.

What have been some key takeaways for you?

You can truly do anything in supply chain. There are so many different paths, and you will eventually find yours!

Any favorite classes or projects?

One of my favorite classes is Empirical Applications in Global Supply Chain Management. This is the capstone course for supply chain seniors; we work with real companies to help them be more efficient or create new processes.

Why did you choose a communication minor?

I think it’s extremely important to understand and maintain a good sense of communication. I hope that I can use my supply chain major to get a great job out of college, and my communication skills will help me in the workplace.

Tell us about your internship. 

I worked as a procurement intern for Elevate Bio in Waltham, Mass. This was a great opportunity that I received from making connections at our Supply Chain Leadership Association networking night. I worked with the Amica Center to receive class credits for my internship, with Professor Gravier overseeing it.

How are you involved at Bryant outside of academics?

I’m a captain of the men’s swimming and diving team the past two seasons, and the coordinator of Networking Night for the Supply Chain Leadership Association.

How would you describe the Bryant community?

It’s a place where everyone feels welcome and included.


A Connected Community

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Hannah Sheldon '20

“The professors are so excited about what they do and want to share it. They want to work with you and want you to be excited about what you're learning as well. Working with an economist gave me a new perspective on the process of economic research. It’s a real differentiator.”

Alexandra Meise '22
Alexandra Meise ’22

“Being more of an artsy person, a literature person, I liked the philosophical side of management. Management is about understanding people, hearing their stories, and bringing them together.”

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“There’s value to an education like this, even beyond the business things I’m learning. I want to be an educated member of society, and going to a university like Bryant helps you develop your understanding of the world and how you see life.”