Christy Mak '25

Christy Mak '25


Cranston, RI

Major Accounting
Complementary Minor Literary and Cultural Studies
Why Bryant?

"Bryant’s interdisciplinary approach — encouraging students to be skilled in different areas and be more well-rounded — appealed to me. I didn’t see this in the other colleges I applied to."

What prompted your interest in accounting? 

I performed well in an accounting class in high school and my skills aligned well with the field, such as being mindful of small details and working on a team.

Tell us about your minor in literary and cultural studies (LCS). 

I enjoy the analysis involved when reading a text and applying different approaches to the analysis, whether breaking down an author’s argument or the text’s sociohistorical context. It forces you to question and broaden your perspective.

I originally had economics as my minor, but I switched to LCS after enjoying the required LCS classes to fulfill Bryant’s general education requirements.

Any favorite classes?

In Introduction to Literary Studies and Introduction to Cultural Studies, students can interact with and analyze various forms of media, not just written works — such as using virtual reality to see the places described in a required reading or analyzing pop music, its history, and the forces acting on it. I really liked that.

Any favorite professors?

The professors in my LCS courses are passionate about the topics they teach and are nice people. Professor Ryan Sonder promotes discussion and the process of learning, not just earning good grades. Professor Jeffrey Cabusao cares about his students and hopes they do well both inside and outside the classroom, and Professor Jennifer Horan encourages everyone to consider other perspectives and to embrace creativity and empathy routinely in their lives.

How are you involved outside of the classroom?

I am a poetry co-editor of Bryant’s literary magazine, Bryant Literary Review. It’s been a new experience, but I have learned quite a bit already.  

I also work as a project assistant in the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. The people in the office are awesome; I help out with tasks to make their day run more smoothly, especially as they prepare for Bryant’s annual Day of Understanding.

How would you describe the Bryant community?

Bryant’s small size helps you not get lost in the crowd, and everyone is generally nice and polite. Try to drop into Bryant’s Involvement Fair at the start of the fall and spring semesters to see which clubs you’re interested in.

Can you sum up your Bryant experience in a few words?

Learning to branch out. 

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

Taryn Rauff ’22
Taryn Rauff ’22

“Bryant has helped me succeed a lot academically. I’ve also built close relationships with my professors, who gave me research opportunities and furthered my understanding about biology. I don’t think I would have had as many of those opportunities in another school. I’ve been very grateful for that support.”

Katelyn Caldarone '24
Katelyn Caldarone ’24

“I was particularly drawn to Bryant because of the small class sizes and many opportunities to get real-world experience. The small classes have offered me opportunities to really get to know my professors. They know me by name, show genuine interest in my goals, and advocate for my success.”

Steph Kotropoulos '26
Steph Kotropoulos '26

"Bryant allows me to explore both paths of education — behavioral science and business — in a more cohesive way."