Garrett Hayward '16 MBA

Garrett Hayward ’16 MBA


New York, NY

Program One-Year MBA
Why Bryant?

“Looking back on my career this far, I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to the Bryant MBA program and the College of Business for empowering me to pursue my fulfilling profession.”

Garrett Hayward has a long relationship with Bryant University. Ever since his family moved to Rhode Island when he was eight years old, Hayward has cheered on the Bulldogs at sporting events and attended performances on campus. It’s no surprise that after moving away for his undergrad degree, Hayward returned to the Bryant community to complete the One-Year MBA program

Why did you continue your education at Bryant University? 

I earned a B.S. in environmental science at Duke University and expected to begin my professional life in the sciences. However, I had not studied business or project management, and I believed that this would be a disadvantage later in my career. I was struck by how projects and experiments being run by professors and guest lecturers from research institutions required a high level of coordination and collaboration. Being able to efficiently manage a large-scale research venture means shrewdly allocating limited human, material, and monetary resources. These were not skills acquired in biology class, but I knew I could learn them at Bryant. Given how well my family knew and admired the school, it seems only natural that I would pass through the Archway at some point.

What are a few highlights of your Bryant experience? 

I became fascinated with corporate strategy and, as someone predisposed toward statistics, financial modeling. Many concepts were new to me, but Bryant’s professors provided engaging coursework that brought the material to life.

I also enrolled in the MBA program directly out of undergrad, which allowed me to finish my college baseball career with my younger brother at Bryant after I was injured for my senior year at Duke.

How did Bryant prepare you for your next steps after graduation? 

Through the MBA program, I realized I enjoyed the process of researching a business and analyzing its opportunities. I also knew that I wanted to gain exposure to more than just one company or industry. This pushed me toward exploring options in consulting or investing.

After graduating, I found an internship at a hedge fund. While this exposure ultimately prompted my decision to pursue an equity research analyst position at my current firm, Douglass Winthrop Advisors, it was my education at Bryant that enabled me to discover this path and prepared me with the skills I would need to be successful.

Where has your career journey led you today? 

I have been at Douglass Winthrop in New York City for six years now, was recently promoted to vice president, and have been taking on clients as a portfolio manager for over a year while continuing my equity research responsibilities. I also earned my CFA charter in 2021 and have been a member of the Bryant University Wall Street Council since graduating in 2016. Looking back on my career this far, I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to the Bryant MBA program and the College of Business for empowering me to pursue this fulfilling profession.

A Connected Community

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