John Marotte '23 MBA

John Marotte ’23 MBA


Greenville, RI

Program One-Year MBA
Why Bryant?

“Everything that Bryant has done for me, the way I’m treated, and the resources that I’m given, it’s like I’m being set up for success already. Everybody is working to support me. Giving up my time this one year I know will pay off in the end.”

At 15 years old, John Marotte dropped out of high school and began a winding career journey filled with peaks and valleys. He worked in construction, served in the military, and even developed a ground-breaking healthcare IT system. Despite his professional experience, Marotte only had a GED to his name and recognized he needed a bachelor’s degree to further his career. But he didn’t stop there. With the help of his military benefits and the Bryant administration, he received approval to continue his education through the One-Year MBA program.

Why did you continue your education at Bryant University?

Four years ago, getting a bachelor’s degree was great. When I finally reached that four-year mark, I realized I needed more education to do what I wanted and be successful. At my age, a one-year program was key. This was the first place I came. I was always envious of my classmates in high school who went to Bryant. They went on to become big things in life. I knew that this was going to be good for me.

Another reason: I wanted to show my kids that even at my age they could do it. Even though I got my bachelor’s degree and the great job now, I’m not stopping. I’m still going forward. 

What are a few highlights of your experience? 

My teams and professors have been nothing but supportive. The very first class, Professor of Management John Visich said, “I understand that some of you have families, and some of you work. I never want this class to get in the way of either of those two things.” The professors and staff are doing whatever they can to set me up for success. 

There are so many important connections that I’m making here. These students are going to be my resources. One key takeaway for me is how supportive the students have been of me, and how much I’m learning from them. They are amazing young people. I have a lot of hope for this world looking at that generation. They’re going to make the biggest differences. They’re inspiring me and motivating me.

What skills are you adding through the program?

I work for Bally’s Interactive in an IT position. We’re developing applications and working on some very interesting things, like putting sensors in boxing gloves. The sensors record what kind of punch was thrown and how hard it hit, and it puts a bar over each fighter just like a video game. This is what has intrigued me with data analytics. I’m learning Python and lots of things in the business analytics specialization that are going to help me.

How will this degree impact your career?

There are a lot of opportunities at my employer that I’m interested in pursuing. My goal is to continue gaining experience in my current role and couple it with what I’m learning at Bryant. I hope to continue my growth and become an even more important asset to my organization. I’ve still got a lot of years to give any business.  

I’ve done all kinds of things in my life, but nobody would give me credit for it. That piece of paper — I understand the value more than anyone else. I’ve been in a place where I’ve been looked at differently. I don’t want to feel that again. 

Why would you recommend Bryant’s MBA program?

You can do it. It’s going to be a lot, but the curriculum is doable for anybody at my age who still works. Everything that Bryant has done for me, the way I’m treated, and the resources that I’m given, it’s like I’m being set up for success already. Everybody is working to support me. Giving up my time this one year I know will pay off in the end.

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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Colby Phillips '23
Colby Phillips ’23

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