Liam Fluharty '23

Liam Fluharty ’23


Rindge, NH

Why Bryant?

“Leadership and innovation stood out to me for how it might help me in the future, with learning how to adapt. It was a unique degree and drew me in.”

Why did you choose Bryant?

I knew I wanted business and saw myself down the road being some kind of manager. I saw that Bryant offered two options for management. Leadership and innovation stood out to me for how it might help me in the future, with learning how to adapt. It was a unique degree and drew me in. 

I also felt a sense of home and community. I wanted a small enough school where I could say “hi” to someone I know while walking to class but also meet new people. It was the perfect size for me to grow personally. 

Did you have a favorite class in your major?

My Leadership Seminar with Professor Mike Roberto looked at leaders from different industries and their management styles so we could learn from their successes and failures in everything from business to climbing Mount Everest. We learned how it applied to our lives going forward. You have to understand that the way you approach challenges will directly impact negative or positive outcomes. You really think about how you might act in the future. 

What was the lesson in the Mount Everest case study?

I’ve enjoyed hiking my whole life, but this was a whole different, extreme challenge. We learned how greed and the desire to reach a goal could lead to failure when you don’t fully understand the danger and risks. It was fun to dissect because we all have personal goals and might do anything to reach them, but at some point you have to understand that it’s important on your journey to step back and assess before you’re in a dangerous situation. 

How does a communication minor complement your major?

I loved my communication classes at Bryant. Communication aligned with my interests like photography and videography, and they have a marketing element. They teach you how to be concise with your writing and help you portray yourself well to a client. I have my real estate license, so that’s been really helpful. I interned with a real estate company doing some marketing and digital design, and they offered to pay for my license, so I said why not? I like real estate so it’s nice to have on the side. 

Any other favorite classes?

I took an innovation class with Professor Dirk Primus. We learned how different companies innovated, and one of the class projects was to build a roller coaster. It was way more challenging than we expected; you go through a lot of failure working with your team and learn how to succeed together. It was a great part of the innovation major because it teaches you to constantly adapt, and to approach new challenges with an open mind. 

You landed a full-time job before graduation. Tell us about it.  

I’m a mitigation coordinator for CSL Consulting in Burlington, Massachusetts. They manage construction projects, so my department proactively addresses issues that might arise by notifying the community about projects and handling their complaints or questions. I’m looking to get into project management, so this is a great way to get my foot in the door.

A Connected Community

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Jess Maffe '25

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Jett Duval '24

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Shania Watson '26

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