Maddy Poetto '26

Maddy Poetto '26


Glastonbury, CT

Complementary Minor Management
Why Bryant?

"The science classes are on the smaller side, so it’s easy for the science majors to know each other well. It’s been helpful to have a lot of familiar faces in class; we help each other out throughout the semester." 

Why Bryant?

I was interested in a school with smaller class sizes, a beautiful campus close to home, and plenty of opportunities to succeed both academically and socially. The network of majors and minors also enticed me since it gave me plenty of options.  

Students at Bryant are able to have a close relationship with their professors. There’s also an opportunity for help from not just your professors, but also from the student mentors at the Academic Center for Excellence.

Why did you choose this major?

I wanted to be a health sciences major so I could dive deeper into the sciences of the human body. I also thought it was the best fit because it allows me to fulfill requirements I might need for graduate school. I hope to pursue a career as a physician assistant.

Any favorite classes or professors?

A favorite class is Anatomy and Physiology with Professor Stephanie Mott. She always brings up current information from the medical community that is relevant to what we’re learning.

One of my favorite faculty is Professor Jennifer Hurrell, the supervisor for my internship in the Exercise and Movement Science Lab. She’s helped me become more confident in my abilities and educated me beyond what I’ve learned in the lab.  

Tell us about your internship.

I’m conducting research on student-athletes by testing their body mass composition and cardiopulmonary fitness. The School of Health and Behavioral Sciences is always expanding with new technologies.  

I’ve also volunteered at Bryant’s PA trauma weekend and medical simulations.  

Bryant is often known for business. What would you say about the sciences here?

The science classes are on the smaller side, so it’s easy for the science majors to know each other well. It’s been helpful to have a lot of familiar faces in class; we help each other out throughout the semester.  

I chose a management minor because I’d like to better understand how to manage a business. By understanding both the business and medical aspects of my career, I can be an asset to any employer. There are endless career possibilities in the sciences.  

How are you involved outside of the classroom?

I’m a member of the Bryant Volunteer Club and the Bryant Pre-Health Association.  

Any favorite places to hang out?  

I enjoy spending time in the Fisher Student Center because of the options for food and places to study. It’s also a good space to hang out with friends. When the weather is warm, I enjoy spending time by the pond.  

How would you describe the Bryant community? 

It’s very welcoming and close-knit. It’s easy to create new friendships. College can be intimidating, but Bryant offers many ways to put yourself out there and try something new!


A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

Jake Williams '23
Jake Williams ’23

“We’re top ranked in business, top ranked in athletics, and in the top 1% for ROI, but we’re also so much more. Sometimes people call Bryant a hidden gem. I think it should be recognized as the gold standard for higher education.”

Patrick Roth
Patrick Roth ’24

“I’ve been able to study business and liberal arts at the same time through the international business program and my concentration of marketing. I’ve learned about the different focuses of business, from management to finance and accounting, while also combining the history, culture, and foreign language aspects of international business.”

Christy Mak '25
Christy Mak '25

"Bryant’s interdisciplinary approach — encouraging students to be skilled in different areas and be more well-rounded — appealed to me. I didn’t see this in the other colleges I applied to."