Patty Adesanya '23

Patty Adesanya ’23


Lowell, MA

Why did you choose Bryant?

There were a lot of factors. I liked the community and feel of Bryant, plus being able to run on the track team. I’m a sprinter and a jumper; I ran the 60-meter dash and sometimes did the long jump. 

How did you choose your major?

I came in as a finance major and did a 180. After taking HR classes, I realized I’m a people person. I like to see how you can use training and development to make someone better. That resonates with me. 

I’m interested in maybe working in higher ed, in DEIB in athletics specifically. I like being there for my peers and for people who look like me — other women of color.

Was it hard to balance being a student-athlete?

With my schedule, I was always in line because I had to keep on top of my priorities. It forces you into good habits. You have to be on top of your game. 

Did you have time for other activities?

I was also an RA, a campus tour ambassador, a counselor for 4MILE, and an orientation leader. I didn’t think I would get that involved, but Bryant gives you the tools to be successful. You realize, “I can do this” and leave your mark on the campus. 

Tell me about 4MILE (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience)

It’s like orientation for the multicultural and international students, but you also get to go off campus to places like Dave & Buster’s. I was a mentee and a counselor. Making connections with the students was fun. You move in early, make new friends, and it helps you get acclimated to campus. 

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

Owen Sawyer 24
Owen Sawyer '24

"When I was looking at the research interests of the professors I would be studying under, I was really impressed that an institution known for business had such a talented politics and law faculty."

Paul Theriault '22
Paul Theriault ’22

“You get to practice what you’re learning, and you get to partner with companies and have a real impact on organizations while also developing your skills. You’re not just learning concepts. You are applying the concepts you learn to what you’re doing.”

John Marotte '23 MBA
John Marotte ’23 MBA

“Everything that Bryant has done for me, the way I’m treated, and the resources that I’m given, it’s like I’m being set up for success already. Everybody is working to support me. Giving up my time this one year I know will pay off in the end.”