A headshot of Stephanie Lherisson.

Stephanie Lherisson '19


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Stephanie Lherisson ’19 had never visited Bryant before she arrived on campus a week before classes started freshman year. Coming from Haiti, she knew that she’d have to adjust to a new environment and a new culture – even the weather would be a surprise to her.

“I’d never lived anywhere where it snows before!” she says with a laugh.

She didn’t have to worry though. Bryant’s 4MILE (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience) program, a week of cultural and leadership activities uniquely designed for first-year international and domestic multicultural students, helped her find her footing and prepared her to excel.

“I met all my closest friends at 4MILE, and I've stayed friends with them ever since,” says Lherisson. “I’ve made a lot of other friends here as well but the ones I made at 4MILE gave me a support system before classes even started.”

The program also introduced her to mentors like Rosedelma Seraphin, Bryant’s Coordinator of International Student Integration. “She's one of the first faces I saw when I came here, and she's someone I know I can always talk to about anything: school-related, personal, or about my future,” she says.

Lherisson came to Bryant to learn how to make a difference. “I'm really passionate about equality and equity, and I want to help people find common ground, especially at a time when there's so much division,” she says. Inspired by her mom, whom she calls one of the strongest women she’s ever known, Lherisson says, “I want to be a voice for people who have no voice.”

Her Politics and Law and Psychology majors help her figure out how to be that voice and how to reach as many people as possible. She loves how her Bryant courses have exposed her to a wide range of ideas and philosophies, and that they encourage discussion and contemplation.

“I’m excited that I get to take classes that I love,” she says, “classes that I can’t wait to go home and tell my friends or my mom about.”

Real World Experience


Counselor/Marketing Coordinator, 4MILE
- Counseled students through the University’s 4MILE (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience) program and led efforts to supply students and parents with important information about the program

Student Manager, PWC Center for Diversity and Inclusion
- Supported the University’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion which empowers students, staff, and faculty to be active participants in building a vibrant, diverse, and collectively responsible community

Director of Black Enterprise, Extravaganza 2018 Merchandise Coordinator; Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
- Aided the MSU and its mission to raise awareness, celebrate the diverse upbringings of the campus population and educate the Bryant community on cultural topics in a variety of capacities, including helping to manage the annual Extravaganza performance, a celebration of art, diversity, and culture

Caribbean Chair, International Student Organization
- Worked to promote cultural awareness and a cooperative spirit within the Bryant community and the world

Greek Life

Community Service Chair, Delta Zeta sorority

Organized the community service efforts of Bryant’s chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority, including involvement in St. Jude’s annual Up ‘til Dawn fundraising and awareness program

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

Zachary Zambarano '23
Zachary Zambarano ’23

“Bryant truly helped me develop my passion for accounting, supported my career development and interview skills, and ultimately helped get me a full-time job as a tax staff member at Citrin Cooperman.”

Jordan Smith 23
Jordan Smith ’23

“After college I’ll be moving to San Francisco and working as an actuary analyst for Uber. Bryant has really prepared me for that career. There are always professors who are willing to help you and amazing resources to ensure your success.”

Danielle Latty ’24
Danielle Latty ’24

“Bryant has taught me to be an exceptional leader, and we really emphasize experiential learning. I’ve learned how to lead a group of people and how to understand people, and I’ve taken that with me in everything that I’ve done.”