Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning and Collaboration

Experiential learning is a powerful way to learn today. With our rapidly changing world, going beyond the textbook is a must. With Bryant's innovative model, you’ll apply and create knowledge and skills in real world experiences.


Be a problem-solver

Experiential learning, or real-world experiences where students apply concepts learned in class, is a hallmark of your experience as a Bryant student. While many schools offer experiential learning, Bryant's innovative educational model features these experiences throughout the curriculum, often in strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations, starting your very first year. 

These hands-on opportunities are how we ensure your learning is enhanced, along with your career credentials. You'll form invaluable mentoring relationships with industry expert faculty, and you'll gain exposure to professionals and organizations. Plus, you'll develop your creative problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation skills — considered essential in a world that's never been more interconnected, and fast-moving.

Corporate Partnerships & Strategic Affiliations

Bryant has developed strategic alliances and partnerships with regional businesses, community organizations, multinational corporations, and global institutions that you'll experience through your courses and beyond.

Competitions & Challenges

High-caliber academic competitions are part of our innovative learning experience. Bryant students have competed successfully against Ivy League schools and other avid competitors in regional, national, and international academic competitions. 

International Learning

From our international-focused curriculum and programs to our affiliations with international corporations to our strategic partnerships with a top university in China, you'll learn and experience the interconnectedness of world cultures and economies.

Service Learning

Throughout your time at Bryant, you'll put your ideas into action in ways that benefit communities and society. Combine the ideals of volunteering, self-reflection, and community engagement, and see the impact of your ideas on people that need them.

In addition to several classes focused on service, you’ll have abundant opportunities to help local communities with your time, energy, and hands-on efforts. Through service opportunities, our students have:

  • Created a nonprofit foundation to help a Boston Marathon bomb survivor realize his dream;
  • Changed the tax status of an animal rescue farm;
  • Provided marketable skills to incarcerated youth;
  • Designed courses to assist first-generation college students;
  • Taught English and computer skills to residents of a fishing village in the Dominican Republic.

When you connect your learning in class to service projects in the community, you’ll discover more about yourself, your values, and what you have to offer the world.

Student Research

In both the College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences, you'll have opportunities to collaborate with faculty and perform and publish original research—whether you'd like to investigate the effectiveness of startup accelerators or environmental changes seen in Cenozoic fossil conifers.  

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