Brian Blais

Brian Blais

Brian Blais is a Professor of Science and Technology at Bryant University. He received his B.A. in Physics from Wesleyan University studying the thermal-emission properties of insulators. He then proceeded to Brown University to obtain a PhD in Physics, where he studied under Nobel Laureate Dr. Leon Cooper on the topic of computational neuroscience. He teaches and publishes in such diverse areas as computational neuroscience, robotics, epidemic modeling, statistical inference, paleoclimate, and environmental resource dynamics. His interests surround the quantification of the dynamics of systems and their uncertainty. He maintains his blog, bblais on the web, at where he explores the intersection of science and society

He has a particular interest in statistical inference, as it applies to dynamical modeling but also as it applies to every-day decisions.

Ph D, Brown University

Sc M, Brown University

BA, Wesleyan University