Richard Holtzman

Richard Holtzman

Rich Holtzman is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Politics, Law, and Society. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and his B.A. from the University of California, San Diego. Holtzman's research and teaching focus on American Politics and he has published on Presidential Rhetoric, Narratives and Discourses in American Politics, and on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Ph D, University of Texas at Austin

BA, University of California, San Diego

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Award for Meritorious Teaching, 2022

“Career Champion: For Going the Extra Mile” Award, 2021

Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Teaching Fellow, 2020

Award for Meritorious Teaching , 2020

Award for Meritorious Teaching, 2018

Award for Meritorious Service, 2016

Bryant Panhellenic Council Faculty Award, 2016

Award for Meritorious Service, 2014

Contributing to Success: Innovation Award, 2014

Award for Meritorious Research and Scholarship, 2012

Award for Meritorious Service, 2012

University Award for "Outstanding Service", 2012

'Outstanding Teaching in Political Science' Award, 2011

Student Senate Choice Award for Faculty Cooperation and Support, 2011

Award for Meritorious Service, 2010

Award for Meritorious Teaching, 2010

'Outstanding Teaching in Political Science' Award, 2009

University Award for "Excellence in Teaching", 2009

Award for Meritorious Teaching, 2008

American Politics, Modern American Presidency, Political Parties and Elections, The Politics of the Government and Business in the U.S., Global Foundations of Character and Leadership

American politics, particularly focused on presidential rhetoric, political narratives, and political discourse; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Ideas, Knowledge, and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association

Western Political Science Association

Interpretive Methodologies and Methods Conference Group of the American Political Science Association

Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society

Omicron Delta Kappa National Honors Society

Undergraduate Education Section of the American Political Science Association

Presidency Research Group of the American Political Science Association

American Political Science Association