Keith Murray

Keith Murray

Dr. Murray is a consumer psychologist and marketing professor. He has particular professional interests in the marketing of services, the effects of advertising and promotion on consumers, and the strategic management of the firm, including nonprofit organizations. He is professionally active, teaching and writing on these and other topics and has addressed business and professional groups across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

He has been acknowledged as a national expert on key advertising issues pertaining to advertising effectiveness and public policy and has spoken at the Federal Trade Commission as well as provided testimony to Congress and other major national organizations on this topic. He is currently working on several research projects including ones which examine the extent and effect of affirmative disclosures in major broadcast media and markets.

Professor Murray's immediate research interests range from gauging the worthiness of to adequately reflect the actual competencies or deficiencies of college instructors, impact of fine-print advertising in broadcast commercials and how ethical they are to viewers, and how to better foster and manage corporate social responsibility.

He recently had researched published in the Journal for Business in Education that addresses one of the most comprehensive, data-driven studies on the validity of the popular website,, title "Does MTV really do a good job of rating professors: An empirical study of the internet site RATEMYPROFESSORS.COM.

Professor Murray is also an op-ed contributor to the mainstream media, most recently in Forbes and The Providence Journal. Other examples include a pair of widely shared op-eds in USA TODAY, "Six things professors wish they could tell their students, but never do," and "Seven things students which they could tell their professor, but never do."

As a scholar he has published widely in professional journals on marketing and management topics including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Academy of Management Review, and others; he also writes for other popular publications, including USA Today. He serves on the editorial review board of three referred journals in the field of marketing, Journal of Marketing Education, Psychology and Marketing, and Samzodhana Journal of Management Research. He is a member in good standing of the American Marketing Association and the American Academy of Advertising.

Also, Dr. Murray belongs to the National Marketing Honorary Society, Alpha Mu Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma, International Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business, as well as the National Honorary Management Fraternity, Sigma Iota Epsilon and Omicron Delta Kappa. He has received the Bryant College Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award and was named Bryant University's first Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellow. Dr. Murray is presently a professor on the Faculty of Marketing at Bryant University, where he teaches and conducts research.

Dr. Murray has taught at private and public universities across the U.S., including Loma Linda University (CA), Andrews University (MI), Arizona State University, and Northeastern University (MA). He holds a BA degree in psychology from Columbia Union College in Maryland, an MA in psychology from Pepperdine University in California, an MBA from Boston University, and a PhD in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

He holds positions on the editorial review board of three peer-reviewed journals, Journal of Marketing Education, Samzodhana Journal of Management Research, and Psychology & Marketing.

By way of professional background, he has served as a practicing clinical psychologist and continued on to acquire experience in the managing, planning, as well as the delivery of health care services and later for programs in higher education. He still continues to operate as a professional psychologist, but now one that specializes in consumer behavior, branding, and advertising matters. To that end, he has served as an expert witness in landmark cases pertaining to affirmative disclosure in broadcast advertising; he has provided testimony to congress in the same field and is a noteworthy expert in the areas of consumer behavior and the effects of promotion on the consumer decision process.

He is married to Kathy, his wife, who is a pediatric physical therapist in private practice; he as has two sons who are in business.

Ph D, Arizona State University

MBA, Boston University

MA, Pepperdine University

BA, Columbia Union College