Honors Program

Join a community of some of the University’s most talented and driven students and educators to engage in comprehensive analysis and discussion of topics across a wide range of disciplines.
Learn more about the Honors Program in this video from Edinaldo Tebaldi, Ph.D., Professor of Economics

Fostering an exceptional community

Through a commitment to scholarship, service, success, and self-awareness, the Honors Program creates an environment that sparks students’ curiosity – and enhances both their personal lives and professional futures.

Our program fosters an exceptional community. As a member of the Honors Program, you will forge key relationships with faculty and peer mentors that will inspire you to achieve more than you’ve ever imagined and help you build a bright future. 

And through the guidance from a faculty mentor, you will conduct original, in-depth research on a topic that fascinates you and adds to the body of knowledge in your discipline.

What sets the Honors Program apart?

  • The Honors Living-Learning Community: Immerse yourself in a supportive community of high achievers committed to helping and challenging one another.
  • Specially designed courses: Delve into subjects in both business and the liberal arts in a more in-depth and comprehensive manner.
  • Peer and faculty mentors: Build relationships with juniors, seniors, and faculty members who will help you find your path and connect with vital resources.
  • Global citizenry: Explore other countries, earn Honors credits, and foster global citizenry through opportunities such as the Honors Sophomore International Experience and semester-long study abroad programs.
  • Early registration: Register early for classes, ensuring that you are able to secure your first-choice courses.
  • The Honors Thesis: Conduct a comprehensive research project in a subject of your choosing, guided by a faculty mentor. View our Honors Thesis Abstract book here. 
  • Student Honors Council: Become a leader among your peers and help shape Honors Program offerings.
  • Honors service opportunities: Learn how to make a difference in your community through teamwork, planning, and active engagement.
  • Honors senior trip: Travel as a group to a select destination, touring companies such as Google and Oracle and networking with Bryant alumni and other industry, government, and nonprofit leaders.
  • Speakers and seminars: Hear from and interact with a diverse range of speakers from a variety of fields.