Internships and Career Planning

Our students have abundant opportunities to develop career goals and credentials in collaboration with industry experts and professional coaches.

At Bryant University, career development is woven throughout your student journey. Throughout your experience you'll apply the latest theories to real-world scenarios, all under the guidance of mentoring faculty who are world-class industry experts here to help you create your path. Combined with our renowned Amica Center for Career Education, you can see why Bryant excels in job placement — 99% of our students are employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

At Bryant, students get comprehensive assistance finding the right professional opportunities, from internships to networking events to advisorships — to finding their major and very first job.


Over 90% of our students engage in experiential learning opportunities, 80% of which are internships. They're eager to test their skills and knowledge in a professional environment, and enthusiastic about finding a career that matches their aspirations and abilities. They also value the industry relationships and full-time employment that internships can bring.

Our Amica Center for Career Education can help pair you with a company that aligns with your career goals, whether you're seeking a for-credit or a non-credit internship, paid or unpaid. Our faculty can also guide you toward a for-credit internship and will provide coaching during the experience. Many students elect to combine an internship with study abroad.

If you choose to pursue an unpaid or low-paying summer internship, you might qualify for a Summer Internship Fellowship. These scholarships enable about a dozen students to pursue top-tier internships that provide only a small stipend or are unpaid.

From for-profit to non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies to world-class museums, here you'll have access to a range of opportunities and connections that will help you prepare for what's next.

Career Planning

Through our mentoring faculty, innovative programs and curricula, and career strategies offered by the Amica Center, we aim to guide every student to find the intersection of their passion, strengths, and interests—and the complementary credentials. And that starts right away, so that each student can find a fulfilling profession where they’re propelled to success.

Here are just some of the ways our Amica Center for Career Education, which has gained recognition for being one of the nation's best, can help you plan for your future.

Planning for your career starts your first year. By designing your four-year plan, you'll create a series of action steps that ensure you achieve important milestones—and utilize helpful tools and resources—in your career development process.

At Bryant, you have two years to declare a major—and it's not unusual for students to enter Bryant as an undecided student. We offer many opportunities during that time to explore your academic and career options through our MyPath Program. From personalized career coaching and assessments to majors showcases and mentorship programs, you'll have access to a comprehensive menu of programs and services to help you make an informed decision.

Over 400 employers participate in our Recruiting Program, including more than 150 employers who conduct on-campus interviews. The program hosts two large career fairs each year, featuring 80 to 100 employers and a range of industries. Networking events with employers are also organized to encourage students to meet with employers and explore opportunities. In addition, you’ll find events throughout the year that are ideal for finding internship, volunteer, and learning opportunities in profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as employment.

You may also participate in company treks (the EXPLORE Program) to areas that offer many site visit opportunities—and alumni introductions—such as trips to Washington, D.C., and New York City. And you'll find more opportunities throughout your time at Bryant to connect with our active alumni network of 50,000 members.

These opportunities amplify the connections you'll make through your coursework and extracurriculars. As a result of Bryant's innovative approach to teaching and immersive student life, your exposure to employers and organizations will be unparalleled.

You're already skilled at making connections—with your friends, family, classmates and others. We help you cultivate this ability for the job search process, from the start to the end. Through our programs you can participate in resume reviews and mock interviews, including with employers. And you can learn how to network, get help with your LinkedIn profile, practice salary negotiation, and more.

The next step after graduation is important to consider, and we'll help you align yours toward your career goal, whether that's a full-time position, heading to graduate school, a postgraduate service or teaching opportunity, or a gap year where you can sift through all the possibilities.

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