Africana and Black Studies

Prepare to be a rigorous thinker as well as a responsible, ethical professional and citizen with a minor in Africana/Black Studies.

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At A Glance

What You’ll Learn:

  • Examine the intellectual traditions and cultural contributions made by people of African descent all over the world.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop skills in effective communication and innovative problem-solving across racial and ethnic lines.

Where You'll Go

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consulting, human resource management, teaching, law, journalism, advocacy, and counseling settings
  • Prestigious graduate schools to further your career preparation.

Program Level: Undergraduate

Offered As: Minor

College/School: Interdisciplinary

Program Overview

The Africana and Black Studies program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary exploration of the histories, cultures, and experiences of people of African descent across the globe. Grounded in critical analysis and social justice principles, this program provides students with a deep understanding of the complex issues facing Black communities while fostering a commitment to equity, inclusion, and positive social change.

Faculty Expertise

The program is led by a team of dedicated faculty members who are scholars, educators, and activists with expertise in Africana and Black Studies. Our faculty provides mentorship and guidance to students, encouraging intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and engagement with social justice issues.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Beyond the classroom, the program offers various learning opportunities that allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. Internship programs, community engagement initiatives, study abroad opportunities, and research projects enable students to gain practical experience, develop leadership skills, and make meaningful contributions to Black communities locally and globally.

Social Justice and Activism

Central to the program's mission is a commitment to social justice, equity, and activism. Courses and discussions explore how systemic racism, inequality, and injustice impact Black communities and intersect with other forms of oppression. Through critical dialogue, students are empowered to become agents of change and advocates for racial justice and equality.


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