School of Health and Behavioral Sciences

School of Health and Behavioral Sciences

Our School of Health and Behavioral Sciences addresses the growing demand for healthcare experts and prepares students for successful careers in data-rich STEM fields.


The School of Health and Behavioral Sciences offers a unique interdisciplinary education, integrating studies in health sciences, cognitive and behavioral sciences, data analytics, and business.

Data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates a growth rate of 16 percent for occupations in healthcare until 2030, more than triple the projected average employment growth rate of 5 percent, with projected earnings well above national and New England averages for college graduates. Our programs will prepare students for exceptional career opportunities in fields including healthcare, behavioral sciences, healthcare analytics, and public and community health.

We offer the following degree programs: 

School of Health and Behavioral Sciences


Undergraduate programs

Biology: Accomplished educators guide you as you create your path among the five tracks of our Biology major: General Biology, Cellular, and Molecular Biology, Pre-Health, Research Intensive, or Ecology and Conservation. Work closely with faculty in small classes and state-of-the-art labs usually reserved only for graduate students at larger schools. Join graduates succeeding in medical, dental, and pharmacy schools; doctoral programs; and health sciences careers.

Exercise & Movement Science: Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science will be prepared to sit for the national Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam and work in a wide array of fitness and athletic settings. All students will complete an internship to gain experience in a setting that aligns with their future career goals. Three tracks of study are available: Applied Exercise, Exercise Management, and Healthcare Provider Prep.

Healthcare Analytics: Healthcare analytics is a rapidly emerging field that involves the integration of health sciences, computer science, information science, biostatistics, and cognitive science to drive the management and analytical use of healthcare information. Students in this program will gain the necessary analytical and technical skills required to manipulate, analyze, and interpret health data to provide superior solutions to strategic and operational problems in healthcare.

Health Sciences: Be prepared to navigate the interconnected nature of human health with our Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences program. Study biology, psychology, communication, and health topics in a curriculum that can prepare you for a variety of health-related careers, whether you’d like to be a healthcare worker addressing patient wellness, a vaccine researcher, a health communication expert, or other roles. The program offers three tracks: General Health Sciences, Behavioral Health, and Health Promotion.

Psychology: Students who study psychology develop a strong foundation in psychological theory, then build upon that foundation through experiential applications such as day-to-day fieldwork, student/faculty-led research opportunities, and internships. Our psychology major emphasizes practical applications in all kinds of fields, including clinical settings, sports, legal systems, education, business, health promotion, decision-making, testing, and the environment.

Two seats per year reserved for qualified Bryant undergraduates to the Physician Assistant Program

Bryant University is committed to attracting students to our home state of Rhode Island to help meet the healthcare workforce needs locally. To accomplish this, Bryant University's Physician Assistant program grants guaranteed interviews to Bryant undergraduate students who meet the program's admissions criteria. Pending a successful interview, two seats per year are reserved for qualified Bryant undergraduates to the Physician Assistant program.

Graduate programs

Physician Assistant Studies: In our Physician Assistant Studies program, you'll work with patients in an unprecedented 12 clinical specialty rotations. During the clinical phase, you will be paired with and learn alongside preeminent doctors, PAs, and other clinicians affiliated with our clinical site partners, including many local and regional hospital systems and private practices.

Healthcare Informatics: Our Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics is an interdisciplinary field of study in the healthcare industry that uses information technology to organize and analyze health data and records to improve healthcare outcomes. Graduates who leave the program are equipped with the knowledge of the healthcare industry and technical skills needed to effectively analyze complex health data, manage health information systems, and support the increased utilization of electronic health records.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.): Now enrolling for fall 2025
The demand for behavioral health providers continues to grow as our nation grapples with a mental health crisis. Through Bryant’s newly launched Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) program, you’ll train to become a skilled, compassionate psychologist who can meet the rising needs of our community. The Psy.D. is a practitioner-based program that will prepare you to provide clinical services across a wide range of settings. Our curriculum adheres to the scholar-practitioner model of training, which emphasizes clinical practice backed by scientific research.

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