Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center

As a hub for international and domestic multicultural students and organizations, the Intercultural Center supports and advocates for students and groups by providing culturally enriching programs and educational workshops focusing on race, culture, ethnicity, and social justice.



Brandi Gbemisola (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center creates programs to enhance appreciation for and awareness of cultural diversity. The ICC also serves as the home of the Multicultural Student Union and the International Student Organization, two student organizations. As part of the PwC Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Intercultural Center works in tandem with the other centers that comprise the PwC CDI to ensure an inclusive Bryant Community. 


  • We provide educational and social programming on the following heritage months on the Bryant campus: Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept-Oct), Native American/Indigenous Peoples Month (Nov), Black History Month (Feb), and Asian American Pacific Islander Month (May but celebrated in April).
  • The Intercultural Center offers social and educational programs, including trainings and workshops, on issues related to diverse traditions, self-identity development, community building, social justice, race and ethnicity, inclusion, and power and privilege. 
  • One of the signature programs of the ICC is 4MILE (Multicultural and International Leadership Experience), a cultural and leadership program uniquely designed for transfer international and domestic multicultural students.
  • Equity Library is located in our Women’s Center conference room. Students can borrow textbooks and resources for the semester. Free of charge.
  • Chat & Chew is a social program where we collaborate with Counseling Services and have conversations centering around stress, anxiety, mental health, and other topics. 
  • We collaborate with faculty and student organizations to strengthen co-curricular education and foster Bryant’s student-centered learning environment.
  • Available to all members of the university, the Intercultural Center provides an inviting seating area, a kitchen, and a multimedia conference room. The seating area serves as an informal gathering space to exchange ideas and facilitate mutual sharing of perspectives. The kitchen is available for individuals to warm up a meal or to make and share a home-cooked meal. The conference room can be reserved for small group meetings, teleconference communication, video/phone interviews, or individual video calls to home.


  • The Multicultural Student Union strives to promote and educate others on cultural issues pertinent to the U.S. In order to accomplish our mission, we hold various cultural and community service events throughout the academic year. We aim to empower students on campus from multiple backgrounds to develop a greater understanding of activism and issues multicultural students face both on campus and in the outside world. Membership is open to all members of the Bryant community.
  • International Student Organization (ISO) strives to promote global awareness and create a strong international presence on campus. The organization provides events for members that allow for meaningful interactions within the Bryant community.