CHBS at Bryant

Center for Health and Behavioral Sciences

The mission of the Bryant University Center for Health and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) is to educate and train the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of others.

The challenges of the ongoing global pandemic have highlighted the critical need for multi-disciplinary approaches to identifying and solving problems in this sector. The CHBS leverages the strength of Bryant’s business core to become a premier choice for students pursuing a career in health sciences, health care or behavioral sciences. 

Through initiatives such as the CHBS, Bryant is removing traditional intellectual, physical and geographic boundaries to enable innovation and collaboration that will prepare leaders and practitioners to solve some of the most difficult problems we face today and in the future. 

CHBS’ Goal: Foundations for Success

The goal of the Center is to ensure that students understand the scientific foundations of human health and disease along with the core concepts in their chosen field of study, while gaining a holistic view of the healthcare industry, human behavior, and mental processes. 

Student researchers and graduates emerge with a skillset required of practitioners, employees, and scholars that enables them to successfully navigate the interconnected nature of human health and wellness.

Building on Bryant’s unique integration of the arts and sciences with business, academic program development at the Center in the area of health and behavioral sciences develops highly skilled employees for a sector that is positioned for future growth. 

What We Do

Here are a few of the ways we educate and train leaders in this sector, as well as a sampling of placement outcomes of our graduates, who have been accepted to prestigious graduate schools and hired by top companies and organizations.