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Frank '81 and Marion '81 Hauck Sales Performance Lab

The Hauck Sales Performance Lab will support exceptional learning experiences for all students. 

Thanks to a transformational gift, the Frank '81 and Marion '81 Hauck Sales Performance Lab will add to the vital experiential learning opportunities of the new Business Entrepreneurship Leadership Center (BELC). The 5,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art sales laboratory will give students access to the most advanced technology and serve as the epicenter of sales initiatives at Bryant. The space will be a dynamic hub for honing skills and proficiency in sales.  

The Hauck Sales Performance Lab supports the College of Business’ emphasis on experiential learning and offers an environment to facilitate simulated real-world scenarios led by faculty and industry leaders. In addition, it supports Bryant's marketing and sales education and its nationally-known Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition.  

"Sales is a craft, and the lab will give students a place to work on refining and enhancing their capabilities.” - Frank Hauck '81 

The Hauck Sales Performance Lab will be available to all students regardless of major. A well-educated and trained professional sales force is critical to businesses’ ability to provide value to their customers and effectively satisfy their needs. Many students, regardless of their major or chosen profession, will be involved in selling products, services, or ideas and will have more successful careers if they understand the concepts of the selling process and can effectively apply those skills.  

The Hauck Sales Performance Lab will support and promote sales initiatives across campus, allowing academic partners to deliver a top-tier, in-depth experience. The outcome of students' experience working within the Hauck Sales Performance Lab will be alumni who are in demand for their top-notch sales skills and knowledge.  

Study Sales at Bryant

The Sales minor at Bryant is designed to give students both a theoretical background and applied experience in the field of sales. Students learn how to identify customer needs and provide value, as well as the core concepts of the selling process that drive business goals. True to Bryant's educational model, students take part in experiential projects such as sales competitions, networking with sales professionals, and feedback sessions to perfect their skills.

Study Sales at Bryant

Bryant Professor Stefanie Boyer speaks with students.

Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition

Students during NISC at the speed sell table

Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition

The Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition (NISC), helmed by Professor Stefanie Boyer, is an annual two-day event that offers employers and college students multiple opportunities to engage through networking, a tournament-style sales competition, individualized feedback and coaching, and skill and leadership building sessions. Since its inception, NISC has annually welcomed hundreds of student competitors and their coaches from across the U.S. and Canada to the Bryant campus.

The Hauck Family

The Hauck Sales Performance Lab was made possible by the generous support of Frank ’81 and Marion (Sheahan) Hauck ’81, P ’08. Mr. Hauck was elected to the Bryant Board of Trustees in 2023, and both he and Marion are members of the Bryant Leadership Council of Donors and funded the Frank '81 and Marion Hauck ’81, P’08 ice rink in 2021, which was a wonderful addition to the campus as it emerged from the pandemic. In 2022, Mr. Hauck received the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

The Hauck Family

Marion and Frank Hauck by the Bryant letters