President's Message

A message from Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley.

Summer 2018

Over the course of the past academic year Bryant has made tremendous advances in our mission to educate and inspire students to discover their passion and become innovative leaders with character around the world.

Our students' mastery of real-world skills has long been a hallmark of Bryant's education. Continuing this tradition, we’ve challenged ourselves to look to the future in both our thinking about innovative teaching and in developing within each graduate what we believe are the five essential innovative skills for their future success: curiosity and creativity, collaboration, integrative thinking, connectivity, and grit and perseverance.

We believe these skills will be crucial as our future graduates enter what is being defined as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will be a time when technology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and mass data take the Third Industrial Revolution to a completely new level of technology-driven innovation and, frankly, disruption.

To ensure that Bryant graduates continue to achieve success at rates other schools envy, we must be bold in imagining what changes may be required of those who will take their place in this new environment. Almost every data scientist who has commented on the coming 10- to 40-year future speaks about the dramatic changes which will occur.

Our distinguished faculty and our accomplished alumni remind us that we in higher education must ensure that our students are able to use crucial human intelligence as well as algorithms and artificial intelligence in decision-making. We must ensure that undergraduates develop wisdom through reflection and critical thinking, combined with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

As we reflect on Bryant's many achievements of the past, we reaffirm four goals that we believe reflect both the historical purposes of higher education and the need for future consideration: 1) academic excellence, 2) education of the whole person in a technology-driven environment, 3) building a diverse and inclusive community, and 4) inspiring collective spirit and commitment. Within each of these strategic goals we will continue to challenge ourselves with new tactical goals and initiatives which we believe will prepare our students for a successful life and career and make Bryant University an even better educational institution.


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Ronald K. Machtley