Bryant Profiles

Bryant's student-centered learning environment, a culture of mentorship, and a wide variety of co-curricular experiences inspire you to discover your passion and excel. Find out how in these profiles of our students and alumni.
Nidhi Murli ’21, ’23 MBA
Nidhi Murli ’21, ’23 MBA

“When you come to a new country as an international student, you don’t know anything. The culture is completely different. Bryant has been great because I never felt homesick or bored. My professors helped me gain confidence. They helped me find my place at Bryant and made me who I am today.”

Luke Ascoli '23 MBA
Luke Ascoli ’23 MBA

“I liked the quality of the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics so much that I decided to get my MBA. The certificate plugged right into the MBA, so I didn’t have to take those courses again. It was the perfect pathway for me.”

Keith Kosoff '23 MBA
Keith Kosoff ’23 MBA

“No matter where you are in your career, you need to stay ahead and learn. I went to college many years ago. This program has been a great experience to refresh and stimulate different ways of thinking. It’s made me better in the way I approach my profession.”

Danielle Palmer '24 MBA
Danielle Palmer ’24 MBA

“I love the experience of working with other professionals. Not only am I making connections with my professors, but I’m also making connections with my classmates. You really get a sense of community in addition to the experience of getting your degree.”  

John Marotte '23 MBA
John Marotte ’23 MBA

“Everything that Bryant has done for me, the way I’m treated, and the resources that I’m given, it’s like I’m being set up for success already. Everybody is working to support me. Giving up my time this one year I know will pay off in the end.”

Jared Jenkins '23 MBA
Jared Jenkins ’23 MBA

“Bryant gives you a very well-rounded look into all parts of business in a short amount of time. There’s nothing in this program that is busywork. It’s really designed for the working professional. It’s a great community that supports each other.”

Vandit Gupta ’21, MBA’23
Vandit Gupta ’21, ’23 MBA

“My specialization is a STEM program, which allows me to extend my work after graduating. This is nice for international students looking to gain work experience in the U.S. Bryant’s focus on STEM programs is really beneficial for international students.”

A headshot of Brooke Merchant.
Brooke Merchant '20

“There are so many great resources at Bryant that you can take advantage of and make your own. There are so many wonderful people, offices, clubs, and organizations that provide you with everything you could possibly need.”

A headshot of Pedro Gamundi.
Pedro Gamundi '20

“I really liked the campus. It didn’t seem too small or too big. I also noticed the demeanor of the people. When I went into the Fisher Student Center, the students all seemed happy and wanted to talk to me. It made a huge impression.”

A headshot of Zachary Richardson.
Zachary Richardson '21

“There’s value to an education like this, even beyond the business things I’m learning. I want to be an educated member of society, and going to a university like Bryant helps you develop your understanding of the world and how you see life.”

A headshot of Samantha Sainvil.
Samantha Sainvil '19

“If you’re looking for a school that helps you, and that pushes you to be the best you can be, this is where you should come.”

A headshot of Michael Pepin.
Michael Pepin '20

“I've taken courses ranging from biochemistry to anatomy and physiology to physics, which is a great preparation for medical school. I've had so much support helping me along the way. Everyone at Bryant wants to help students achieve their goals.”

A headshot of Nicholas Cianfaniglio.
Nicholas Cianfaglione ’21

“What I like about Bryant is that they teach you how to take your drive and turn it into success. I've learned something useful from every single class I took at Bryant.”

A headshot of Marlee O'Keefe.
Marlee O'Keefe '19

“In IDEA, you’re assigned a big problem and you have to come up with a creative solution. You have to do the big-picture work, but also figure out the small details, which is kind of like creating a business. I learned a lot over those three days and realized, ‘wow, I could actually do this’.”

A headshot of Elana Williams-Leonard.
Elana Williams-Leonard '19

“Being a good teacher means being able to understand who your students are and what they need. That’s one of the biggest things I learned at Bryant: how to understand others.”

A headshot of Hannah Sheldon.
Hannah Sheldon '20

“The professors are so excited about what they do and want to share it. They want to work with you and want you to be excited about what you're learning as well. Working with an economist gave me a new perspective on the process of economic research. It’s a real differentiator.”

A headshot of Shane Vyskocil.
Shane Vyskocil '19

“A good education is about more than learning facts. It’s about learning the best ways to solve problems and being able to apply that to all sorts of different scenarios. You need to be flexible to be successful in life.”

A headshot of Danielle Veith.
Danielle Veith '19

“A good teacher cares about your well-being as a person, about your growth. Good teachers make everyone feel valued. My professors didn’t just know my name. They knew what I needed as a student, what I wanted to do, and how to work with me to get me there.”

A headshot of Rachel Lagasse.
Rachel Lagasse '19

“One reason I picked Bryant was because I wasn’t sure what area of business I wanted to go into. I chose to go to Bryant because it was a very good business school, and I knew that whatever I chose would be a good option.”

A headshot of Mary Cate Gallagher.
Mary Cate Gallagher '19

“For an 18-year-old, being able to form a relationship with someone who is an expert in their field is a special interaction. The professors don’t just answer your questions. They’ll help you think about what you’re doing and guide you to explore directions you may not have thought of.”

A headshot of Kai-Lou Yue.
Kai-Lou Yue ’20

“Through all of my experiences at Bryant — working in the lab, being part of the Honors Program, my leadership positions — I became much more confident, and that really changed me for the better."

A headshot of Breanna Tulig.
Breanna Tulig ’20

“I didn't think that I could ever learn to program. It just seemed like something that was so far beyond me. But the way my professor taught the class and the availability he had — I visited his office every single week — helped me find my passion for it.”

A headshot of Madeline McLaughlin.
Madeline McLaughlin '19

“In Archway, you're not just managing a fund. You’re learning so many other things as well, including leadership and being part of a successful team. It’s like being part of a real business.”

A headshot of Thobani Nxumalo.
Thobani Nxumalo '19

“Coming to Bryant is a great opportunity to step out of the bubble that you’re in now. It’s very challenging, but also rewarding in the sense that you’ll be more equipped to be a better person in business. You will also learn about yourself and your role within society, and how to best execute that role.”

A headshot of Alexandra Aubron.
Alexandra Aubron '19

“If you want to achieve big things, you have to be challenged. I knew I wouldn’t just be getting a degree here, or just ticking boxes. I was getting the whole experience. That’s what made the difference for me, compared to other schools.”

A headshot of Caroline Meizen.
Caroline Meizen '21

“My Honors courses challenge me and surround me with students who are just as determined. We get the chance to work on hands-on projects and apply what we're being taught to the world outside of Bryant.”

A headshot of Yuliandra Henriquez.
Yuliandra Henriquez '19

“I’m an HR management major, but I'm also learning other subjects like accounting, finance, and marketing, which is great because I’m still going to need those aspects to succeed in my HR management career.”

A headshot of Amy Solov.
Amy Solov '19

“You can make your Bryant experience anything you want it to be — and if it's something no one’s ever done before, you can be the first. There are people here who will support you in anything that you want to do.”

A headshot of Kelci Abernethy.
Kelci Abernethy '19

“At Bryant, everyone here is trying to help each other be the best they can be. And since we’re a tightly knit community, when someone succeeds, everyone can see, and it’s really motivating. It keeps us inspired.”

A headshot of Stephanie Lherisson.
Stephanie Lherisson '19

“I'm really passionate about equality and equity, and I want to help people find common ground, especially at a time when there's so much division. I want to be a voice for people who have no voice.”

A headshot of Nicole Kim.
Nicole Kim '20

“Bryant has so many different connections — there are so many people who come to campus for career fairs, to recruit, to guest lecture in classes, to speak at conferences. They all care about Bryant, love Bryant students, and want to help them succeed.”

A headshot of Lauren Rochefort.
Lauren Rochefort '19

“My lab team is like a family. I was terrified at first because I had never worked in a lab before, but it’s been such an amazing experience. Everyone there wants to help you be a better scientist.”

A headshot of Emily Katz.
Emily Katz '20

“We all have a really strong connection, and we help each other when we struggle. That’s what I love about Bryant — everyone comes together here to support each other.”

A headshot of Jillian Buckley.
Jillian Buckley '19

“The different communication theories I’ve learned help me solve the problems that I’ll see in my management courses. When I’m in my communication classes, I have a better idea of how the management practices I’m learning are applied. I find myself constantly intertwining the things I’ve learned.”

A headshot of William Tondo.
William Tondo '19

“This is a community like no other. If you’re having a bad day, there’s always someone to help cheer you up. People know you here.”

A headshot of Zeynep Kazmaz.
Zeynep Kazmaz '18

“I want to help some of the younger students who come onto our campus find representatives and role models to look up to who are similar to them and who come from the same backgrounds.”

A headshot of Kirstyn Sperry.
Kirstyn Sperry '19

“Bryant prepares you really well for your internships and your career. From your first semester, you’re giving presentations and getting comfortable in a business setting.”

A headshot of Ying Wang.
Ying Wang '19

“The peer tutors at the Academic Center for Excellence are willing to provide any help and any advice they can to support international students when they first come to campus.”

A headshot of Katherine Castillo.
Katherine Castillo '19

“My professors are so passionate and knowledgeable within their respective fields. They aren’t only professors but also mentors. Bryant’s small classroom structure allows students to create relationships with professors, perhaps the greatest asset Bryant has given me.”

A headshot of Lauren Leedberg.
Lauren Leedberg '18

“I’ve never felt like a number at Bryant. I know my professors and the faculty and the staff, and every single person is here to help you. I found support here that I wouldn't have had anywhere else.”

A headshot of Matthew Barnett.
Matthew Barnett '19

“It’s important to keep an open mind, especially when coming to college, because you don’t really know where your path is going to take you.”

A headshot of Nina Luiggi.
Nina Luiggi '18

“I really liked the well-rounded nature of Bryant's education and how it would give me a flavor of both business and the liberal arts.”